Mirna / Mokronog

1. – 3. September 2023

Closing date

August 1st 2023 (U17)

August 27th 2023 (Youth U11, U13, U15)

Invitation letters




The 29th TEM Mirna U17 & Youth International 2023 is a part of the BE Junior Circuit and is hosting players and coaches from all around the globe. Very determined and well-organised badminton enthuasiasts from BK Mirna are trying to create great athmosphere and kindly affection, which is known for Slovenian people.

Last year we had more than 250 players from 11 different countries battling for prestigeus money and practical prizes. All good sporting fun and thrill of badminton play is accompanied by entertaining programme and experiencing local traditions.

We look forward to see old badminton friends and gain some new ones in beautiful game, that is badminton!


News and information 

Training schedule for 31.8.2023 has been published.


Dear all,

the seeding and the draw have been done according to the BEC European U17 Ranking from Monday 14 August 2023.

Please remember that if a player withdraws in doubles, substitutions must be handled as described in the regulation 7.3 of the Junior tournament regulations that you can find here: BWF Statutes, Section 5.2.3: Junior tournament regulations.

The draw is already published the draw on and will be published on Tournament Software soon.


The entry list has been published and is available at

For selecting the players/pairs the BEC U17 Circuit Rankings from 31st July 2023 has been used.

All withdrawal should be done using the online entry system.


Dear all,

registration for the U17 tournament is open.

Follow below links

Registrations for the Youth(U11, U13 and U15) tournament are already open, just fill the above form and send it to

An end to Covid-19 restrictions

  • As of 1 April 2023, Covid-19 is treated in the same way as other respiratory infections.
  • As of 31 May 2022, measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections are no longer required.
  • As of 14 May 2022, the RVT rule is no longer required.
  • Registration in the passenger locator is no longer necessary and there is no other entry form.


Live view 

Games on  1.9.2023

Games on  2.9.2023

Semifinals and finals 3.9.2023



Please note that start of tournament can be change due to number of entries. Please check official website and Tournament software.

 Acceptance List – For selecting the players/pairs the BEC U17 Circuit Rankings from 31st July 2023 has been used.

The seeding and the draw have been done according to the BEC European U17 Ranking from 14/08/2023


Any alterations to the draw or substitutions at a BEC U17 Circuit tournament shall be done in accordance with BWF Statutes, Section 5.2.3: Junior Tournament Regulations § 7.3

Any withdrawals after the  withdrawal deadline will have to be dealt with the referee and the organization.

The Referee shall promote entries from the reserve list to the main draw until the conclusion of the Team Manager’s Meeting.

Mirna (sport hall)

Practice – schedule will be announced

U17 (Mirna)


Team manager meeting

11.00 – 20.00

all R64 + all R32

Youth (Mokronog)

09.00 – 21.00


U17 (Mirna)

09.30 – 20.00

all R16 + all QF 

Youth (Mokronog)

09.00 – 21.00


U17 (Mirna)

10.00 – 15.00

all SF + all finals

Youth (Mokronog) played at Mirna

09.00 – 15.00

Tournament (semifinals and finals)

all SF + all finals


Aljoša Turk

Tournament director U17

President of BK Mirna

Urban Turk



Gašper Krivec

Tournament director U11, U13, U15

Vice President Badminton National Association of Slovenia



Primary school Mirna

Cesta na Fužine 1
8233 Mirna

Youth(U11, U13, U15)

Primary school Mokronog

Gubčeva cesta 4
8230 Mokronog


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